Sneaky Interviews King Henry the Cat from the Past Imperfect Mystery Series by Anne Willow

Sneaky The Library Cat's Blog

I just discovered I have a royal guest today. What is your name and your author’s name, your highness?

I am his royal majesty, King Henry. I was created by Anne Willow to help solve the mysteries she writes. She would be lost without me.

What book(s) have you appeared in, your Majesty? Please list them and their genre.

So far, I’ve appeared in Broken Promises (cozy mystery). It’s the first book in Anne’s new series, though she’s currently working on her second book.

Concatulations! Tell us more about this series.

It’s the Past Imperfect Mystery series. Julia is my human. She runs the antique shop in the small artist town of Grand Marais. It’s on the northwestern shore of Lake Superior. It was quiet until she arrived, but I was without a home then too. Julia has a special gift that she’s just learning about. She needs…

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Dear Santa, What Do I Get My Favorite Author for the Holidays?

Chicks on the Case

Happy Holidays! I’m so happy to be here. My name is Julie Moffett and I write the award-winning mystery series featuring geek girl extraordinaire, Lexi Carmichael. Geeks, Lies and Spies, oh, my! In my mystery series, you’ll meet Lexi and her nerd herd—a quirky gang of tech friends who save the day and solve the mystery by using their super-charged brains. There are currently 10 books in the series, with the latest one, NO REGRETS, scheduled to release on January 8th.

I also have a brand new young adult spy/adventure series that releases TOMORROW titled WHITE KNIGHTS. Hooray! Imagine Nancy Drew crossed with Velma from Scooby Doo and you’ll get Angel Sinclair! It’s a fun book and clean for teens, young adults and the young-at-heart. 🙂


Since it’s the holiday season and we’re talking about books and new releases, I thought I would offer you a way to present your…

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1814 Vauxhall and Drury Lane: The Belles’ Time Travel Machine

Susana's Parlour

I hope you enjoyed your stay in WWI France via Caroline Warfield’s Blog. You are now once again in Regency England! A Malicious Rumor in the Bluestocking Belles’ Never Too Lateanthology—takes place this year (as well as The Umbrella Chronicles: George and Dorothea’s Story, but you have already been there, right?), but we hope this is not your last stop via The Bluestocking Belles’ Time Machine.

Miss Alice Crocker and Mr. Peter de Luca from A Malicious Rumor are both employees of Vauxhall Gardens. Alice is a gardener and Peter is a violinist. Peter was unfairly dismissed from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, and Alice and her grandfather help him seek justice.

Events at Vauxhall Gardens in 1814

The season began on 15 June and ended on 26 August. The finale was highlighted by a double display of fireworks by Mons. Bologna and Signor D. Mortram.


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Throughout time, it has never been too late for love…

Amy Quinton


I hope you enjoyed your stay in Revolutionary France of 1795 via Elizabeth Ellen Carter’s Blog. You are now in Regency England!

800px-George_IV_1821_color Coronation portrait by Sir Thomas Lawrence of King George IV

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to 1814: a time of decadent balls, glorious gowns, sharp dressed men, and, unfortunately, war. Our time machine will be visiting 1814 twice, so for this stop, we are focusing on the first half of 1814.

1814 is the year my novella, The Umbrella Chronicles: George & Dorothea’s Story, in the Never Too Late anthology takes place.

The setting is England during a period of time known as The Regency. This is because King George III had become unfit to rule and so his son, George, ruled by proxy as the Prince Regent beginning in 1811 until his father’s death in 1820, at which time the Prince Regent became King George…

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Throughout time, it has never been too late for love…

Sherry Ewing

Welcome, Time Travelers, to 1181.

You’ve arrived in the year of my novella, The Piper’s Lady, which appears in the Bluestocking Belles’ box set Never too Late. I hope you enjoyed your visit to 1916 when you traveled to Picardy, France via Caroline Warfield’s blog last week here. Did you leave her a comment for our giveaway? Be sure to do so along with leaving one for me here on my blog!

You’ve now found yourself in medieval, England… Sorry about the war, harsh living condition, and bad drinking water but there is a lot more happening at the time of my story…

Ruler of England
Henry II (1133-1189) is king of England in 1181, and he’s part of the good news. He’s building up our court systems and seems to be very big on the rule of law, something that may catch on. He and…

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Santa’s Sleigh Ride

Random Thoughts and Meaningless Musings

Kathi Daley Books is joining forces with some of your favorite cozy mystery bloggers to bring you Santa’s Sleigh Ride December 12 – 24. Each day between December 12 – 23 Santa will make a stop at a cozy mystery Facebook page and give away a $10 Amazon Gift card. That is 12 gift cards in all so be sure to join the party.

The instructions and the link to the daily giveaway will be posted on Kathi Daley Books main Facebook page every morning at midnight Just access the link and enter the contest on the daily hosts page. Please be sure to give each host a “like” while you are there.

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My Christmas Tree Obsession — Guest Ellen Byron

Wicked Cozy Authors

Thankful for Our Readers Giveaway:  For a chance to win a copy of A Cajun Christmas Killing by Ellen Byron leave a comment below.

Here’s a little bit about the book: Maggie Crozat is home in Cajun Country during the most magical time of the year. But the Grinch has come to stay at the Crozat Plantation B&B, and he’s flooding travel websites with vicious reviews. Maggie ID’s him as rival businessman Donald Baxter –until Baxter is found stabbed to death. With her detective boyfriend sidelined as a suspect, Maggie must catch the real killer or it will be the opposite of a Joyeux Noel for her.

Welcome back, Ellen!

I’m obsessed with Christmas trees. I’m such an inveterate ornament collector and crafter  that my husband once made me pare down my collection because I had a dozen boxes taking up an entire shelving unit in the garage. I got…

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