Medieval Monday with guest Ashley York & a Giveaway!

Sherry Ewing

It’s week twelve of Medieval Monday and our First Encounter theme. It’s my pleasure to welcome back my guest, Ashley York. Today, Ashley has a snippet from her novel, Curse of the Healer. Don’t forget to leave Ashley a comment here on my blog to be in the running for this theme’s giveaway. The winner will be randomly chosen at the end of this theme. Read on and enjoy!


A kiss? Heat poured off him, but it was no longer anger riding him. She forced down the lump in her throat, holding his intense gaze as her thoughts raced. She had never been kissed by a man. Or kissed a man, but it was not a high price to pay to dismiss the entire incident.

Refusing would certainly result in a steeper demand, and the last thing she wanted to do was to cause any problems for her ri…

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Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

The “Bone Mother” is returning. Slowly. Letting the bindings unwrap themselves. Enjoy.

ONLY YOU 09/17/2017


That’s right.


Not me.

Not us.

There was never us.

You said loved me,

All my wild evil,

My imperfections,

I was the perfect flower,

In your imperfect world,

Is that what you tell all the flowers?

That are not good enough,

It never is,

Nor was it ever was,

The mask has been lifted,

I see with perfect clarity,

But do you see?

What you have done to me?

Confirmed what was already known,

So thanks to you,

And your ilk,

These walls will be built stronger,


My heart encased in the strongest glass,

So my thanks,

My gratitude you have,

But you shall pay a cost,

Nothing is ever free,

You pay a high cost,

Your cost was forever  losing me.

©2017 T.B.Morte

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Feature Friday Film: Birthday Kitties

Sneaky The Library Cat's Blog

Meow, there. It’s Sneaky with some films for your favorite day. Even though it’s not my birthday or the birthday of either of my authors’ cats, I’m sure some of you might enjoy these films and probably already have celebrated your own cat’s birthday or the day you adopted him or her. If so, feel free to comment on what you’ve done.

Before I show the films, I want to also share my recent post on my author’s blog that gives some great news about our books. Check it out:

Now for our feature presentations.

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Sneaky the Library Cat Talks Books, Blogs, and Groups

Ruff Drafts

I’m proud to have the library cat from my cozy mystery series here to talk about our books and fill my readers in on the latest Cobble Cove news. Hi, Sneaky. thanks for dropping in on my blog.

Hi, Debbie. It’s mice to be here for a change.  For those who don’t know, I have my own blog where I interview cats and other pet characters as well as real-life pets of authors. I’ve had some really interesting guests including a group of llamas recently. You can read and subscribbe to my blog here:

That sounds great, Sneaky. So tell me what’s going on in Cobble Cove. Any news you’d like to share?

Well, you should know more than me, Debbie, because you’re the author, but I have heard some rumors that a fourth book of the series is in the works.

That’s true. I’ve just started writing the…

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Sneaky’s Interview of Spam, Purranormal Cat Detective

Sneaky The Library Cat's Blog

Have I got a treat for you, and it’s better than catnip. I have a purranormal cat detective here to cat chat with me today.

What is your name and your author’s name?

My name is Spam, because my feral father’s hobby is making copies of himself with all of the unaltered lady cats in town. There are long haired ginger cats and kittens everywhere you look.

My two-legged author’s name is Elizabeth Ann Scarborough but she let her cat cultural consultant, K.B. Dundee (aka Kittibits) take top billing on my first book.

What book(s) have you appeared in and what genre are they?

 Spam’s the name, purranormal detective is my game (so a cross between mystery and woo-woo). Or as my raccoon assistant, Renfrew likes to say, “We use our snoopiness to solve spookiness.” My books are:

  1. Spam Vs the Vampire (my “origin story”)
  2. Father Christmas, or Spam the…

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Murder is Binding by Lorna Barrett

4 of 5 stars for Murder is Binding

Tricia Miles has started a new life in the quaint little town of Stoneham on the East Coast. New friends, new job, new… murder? Her bookstore Haven’t Got a Clue is a fantastic addition to the historic downtown revitalization trying to bring in new life to the town. Tricia has brought just that- but at what expense to the the towns boast of ‘The safest town’. This is just the 1st of many stories I’m excited to read in this series- you should come along for the ride!


Meet Your Baker by Ellie Alexander

4 of 5 stars for Meet Your Baker

Juliet is a hometown sweetheart returned from a life abroad. Doing what she does best (Bake of course!) she becomes involved in a local murder done theater style. The characters are so relateable (can I visit soon?!) and descriptions absolutely vivid I can’t wait to visit Ashland again!

 Meet Your Baker




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