Sneaky’s Interview of Spam, Purranormal Cat Detective

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Have I got a treat for you, and it’s better than catnip. I have a purranormal cat detective here to cat chat with me today.

What is your name and your author’s name?

My name is Spam, because my feral father’s hobby is making copies of himself with all of the unaltered lady cats in town. There are long haired ginger cats and kittens everywhere you look.

My two-legged author’s name is Elizabeth Ann Scarborough but she let her cat cultural consultant, K.B. Dundee (aka Kittibits) take top billing on my first book.

What book(s) have you appeared in and what genre are they?

 Spam’s the name, purranormal detective is my game (so a cross between mystery and woo-woo). Or as my raccoon assistant, Renfrew likes to say, “We use our snoopiness to solve spookiness.” My books are:

  1. Spam Vs the Vampire (my “origin story”)
  2. Father Christmas, or Spam the…

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Murder is Binding by Lorna Barrett

4 of 5 stars for Murder is Binding

Tricia Miles has started a new life in the quaint little town of Stoneham on the East Coast. New friends, new job, new… murder? Her bookstore Haven’t Got a Clue is a fantastic addition to the historic downtown revitalization trying to bring in new life to the town. Tricia has brought just that- but at what expense to the the towns boast of ‘The safest town’. This is just the 1st of many stories I’m excited to read in this series- you should come along for the ride!


Meet Your Baker by Ellie Alexander

4 of 5 stars for Meet Your Baker

Juliet is a hometown sweetheart returned from a life abroad. Doing what she does best (Bake of course!) she becomes involved in a local murder done theater style. The characters are so relateable (can I visit soon?!) and descriptions absolutely vivid I can’t wait to visit Ashland again!

 Meet Your Baker




Feature Friday Film: Tribute to a Special Cat and the Soldier he Saved

Sneaky The Library Cat's Blog

Purrs to all. So sorry this is late, but Debbie was at BookExpo all day yesterday and forgot to wake me from my catnap. She’ll be reporting on that soon, and I hear there was lots of cat stuff there, too. Anyway, I don’t want you to miss this inspiring film. Just be warned, it is a tearjerker. Cats can make a difference and help heal people’s spirits. This one certainly did, and the soldier he saved will never forget him. This film is dedicated to Omeleto, a cat who makes me proud to be a feline.

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Turning Five

Wicked Cozy Authors

Edith here, luxuriating in the rebirth of life (finally!) north of Boston – salad greens, flowering shrubs, fresh eggs, book ideas, and so much more. Make sure you read to the end for a special giveaway.

Mulch Ado About Murder releases today! I am delighted that the Local Foods Mysteries has continued through book five. I originally conceived of organic farmer Cameron Flaherty way, way back in 1994. At the time I operated and co-owned the smallest certified organic farm in my county tucked away up here in the northeast corner of Massachusetts.


When A Tine to Live, a Tine to Die finally came out in 2013, it introduced Cam, her great-uncle Albert, the town of Westbury, and the cast of regular characters who have kept Cam company throughout the series. The book opens on June 1, the first day her CSA customers are coming to pick up their shares of the…

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Sneaky’s Interview with Sneaky Pie Brown from the Mrs. Murphy Series by Rita Mae Brown

Sneaky The Library Cat's Blog

I am very honored today to be speaking with the co-author of the Mrs. Murphy series who also shares my name. It’s my pleasure to introduce Sneaky Pie Brown.

Hello there, Sneaky (I think I hear an echo – MOL – Meow Out Loud). Can you please tell me your relationship to Mrs. Murphy, the main character in the series you write with Rita Mae Brown?
Mrs. Murphy is based on me, Sneaky Pie. I have made her just a bit younger than myself.
What do you (or Mrs. Murphy) like most about your role in the books?
I like figuring things out using my superior senses.
That must be most rewarding. We cats, character and real, are blessed with wonderful senses.
Are you a talking pet in your books or just a silent one who just meows or occasionally?
I talk. The other animals understand. The humans, not…

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Sneaky’s Interview with Janet Cantrell’s Fat Cat, Quincy

Source: Sneaky’s Interview with Janet Cantrell’s Fat Cat, Quincy

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