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Kathi Fall Trees [7081640]

Today is launch day for book 2 in my new Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery Series so I am going to give away 5 copies of the book (paperback or Kindle – Non US Kindle only). I’m really loving this new series and this particular book in the series was a super fun one to write.

Murder at Sunrise Facebook

The story begins at a sunrise ceremony for the summer solstice. Lani is attending with her neighbor Elva, a senior citizen who can no longer drive. When one of the seniors in attendance turns up dead, Elva and some of her friends decide to investigate. Lani doesn’t want any of her senior friends to put themselves in dangers way, so against her better judgement, she decides to help them out. Here is a clip of one of the scenes with the seniors:

The minute we walked into the diner the women who were already there…

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