It’s a happy sad time to be a geek

Marie Nelson

Back when I was a child the word “geek” was an insult. Pure and simple. The geeks where the unattractive, smelly, asthma crippled, acne riddled, loner kids that everyone thought were “weird” and “probably going to be serial killers”. The dictionary definition of a geek is “An unfashionable or socially inept person.”

If you watch any kind of comedy from the 80’s you’re almost guaranteed that at some point a geek will show up and be told “get lost, nerd.” (sometimes by the story’s protagonist). 

Then something amazing happened. Something which a lot of sections of society only dream of. The word “geek” was reclaimed. It became acceptable to be a geek. Suddenly every city had it’s own comic con, comic book stores were no longer taboo places to be seen. I was 15 when LoTR The Two Towers came out. I went to see it at the cinema on…

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