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This event will be on May 15-19 2019 at New Orleans. Tickets are still on sale.

About Book Lovers Con

Mark your calendars, Book Lovers Con is coming to New Orleans May 15 – 19, 2019! Designed with readers in mind, Book Lovers Con is the place to meet your all-time favorite authors, discover new-to-you authors and forge relationships with fellow Book Lovers. From our Jazz Festival Kick-Off Party to our Brunch & Bubbly breakfast, our program provides ample opportunity for readers and authors to connect!

We want BLC to be a valuable experience for attendees, one that will create cherished memories you’ll reminisce on for years to come. Readers will enjoy many opportunities to interact with their favorite authors and connect with new authors. Because we want to make sure everyone has a chance to meet, author registration slots will be limited. It’s the perfect environment for book…

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An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Your Cheeky Wench

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg:

While we can appreciate your need to ‘protect’ the public from ne’er-do-wells, political deception, covert Russian spies, things that could potentially be found ‘obscene or offensive’, round-earthers, and aliens from planet Zenon, I do believe you’ve gone a bit too far with some of the inane rules you’ve set forth on Facebook. (I’m beginning to believe that the same people who handle Amazon’s customer complaints are the same people who run Facebook’s customer complaint department. Because nothing either company does makes a damned bit of sense.)

I know what I am about to say will sound a bit ‘cliche’, but here goes: This is America. And in America, people are considered innocent until proven guilty. But that message apparently has not yet reached you or those individuals working for you.

I’m not even certain you are aware of some of the things that happen on Facebook. I’ll…

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Book Festivals Posted by


This is am amazing opportunity to meet authors and make new book friends. I will be attending a couple of these events. Check it out!

February 2019

Corpus Christie, TX:Teen Book Fest By The Bay
Date: February 16

Detroit, MI:Detroit Book City African-American Family Book Expo 2019
Date: February 24

San Antonio, TX:National Latino Children’s Literature Conference
Date: February 28 – March 3

March 2019

San Antonio, TX:National Latino Children’s Literature Conference

Tucson, AZ:Tucson Festival of Books
Date: March 2-3

Murfreesboro, TN:Southeastern Young Adult Book Festival
Date: March 7-9

Ontario, CA:Ontario Teen Book Fest
Date: March 9

Warrensburg, MO:Children’s Literature Festival
Date: March 17-19

Charlottesville, VA:Virginia Festival of the Book
Dates: March 20-24

Washington, D.C.:Apollycon
Dates: March 21-24

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As The Scams Continue to Turn

Your Cheeky Wench

I just learned about a ‘technique’ our scammers are using regardingaudio books.But not just any audiobooks. No, these involve audiobooks that are in the Audible Romance Package.


Amazon/Audible implemented this new ‘subscription’ service last summer. With it, readers/listeners can listen to an unlimited number of audiobooks per month for a fee. Much like Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, you only get to listen to those books that are in the romance package program.

The author of that audiobook is paid foreach minutea reader listens to your book(s). There is no limit to the number of times you can listen to the same book. Once, twice, thirty times, it doesn’t matter. We are paid for each of those minutes. Absolutely no checks and balances on this.

So the scammers, who find ways of scamming crap faster than a kid can find mom’s…

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The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict


This is a captivating story showing proof how a woman in the 1940’s was a brilliant inventor but because of her gender, her invention was not put to good use. The military preferred to keep the torpedoes that kept on having issues then using a perfectly good invention to good use.

“Leaving a hollow, if beautiful, shell. Perhaps the shell was all this world wanted from me”.

Brilliance and beauty couldn’t coincide for women in the 1940’s. Hedy Lamarr couldn’t shake away how people perceived her. Her beauty is all people cared about. She had brilliance, intelligence but was treated like a trophy to be viewed but not to be touched or spoken to. At first I thought Mr. Mandl was Mr. prince charming. Rich, attentive, fun and supportive. Once he and Hedy married he became a terror. She was trapped with an egoistic psycho that abuses women. After reading…

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Canadian GoFundMe Raises $6B In Two Hours To Pay For Privacy Hedge Along Entire US Border

The Out And Abouter

hedgery An “artist’s” rendition of the “privacy hedge”.

In a stunning rebuke of the 46th best president in American history, the United States’ northern neighbour shattered numerous crowdsourcing records today, when it raised billions and billions and billions of dollars to plant and maintain a living barrier between themselves and the adjacent idiocracy. 

“We’d heard that a bunch of people down in the You-Ess-of-Eh had decided to empty their wallets out for a wall that won’t block anything other than half of all escape routes, when their dirty bomb of a president melts through his retaining barrier,” explains the man who started the campaign, Tom Candy, of Fewmarket, Ontario.

“So naturally our first thought was: how can we best deal with this shitshow as it unfolds directly beside us, and add a little ever-greenery to a world which, it has to be said, is looking a little bleak right now? The…

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To Conquer Pride – Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

From Pemberley to Milton

To Conquer Pride immediately caught my attention because it starts with one of my favorite scenarios in Pride and Prejudice Variations: Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth stranded in a cottage. But as the story progresses we will follow these characters through the streets and theaters of London, the living rooms of Netherfield and even the gardens of Pemberley. As you can see this book is one of those that have it all, and the best part is that the story and the events are not rushed which shows us that Ms Altman took a lot of care in the writing of her debut novel.

Apart from all those scenarios that we can find in the book, and that make it very diverse and appealing, we have above all a lot of Darcy and Elizabeth moments. Propriety is always followed, or…almost always followed, but the point is that there are few pages in the…

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Guest Chick: Diane Vallere

Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Seven Days of Us” by Francesca Hornak

Linda's Book Obsession:

fullsizeoutput_365c.jpegLindas Book Obsession Review of “Seven Days of  Us” by Francesca Hornak  Berkley October 2018

Francesca Hornak, Author of “Seven Days of Us” has written an intense, intriguing, captivating, riveting, unique,  and emotional novel. The Genres for this novel are Fiction and Women’s Fiction. There are touches for Romance and Suspense as well.  The author describes her dysfunctional characters as complex and complicated.

Can you imagine being quarantined, and FORCED to live with your family for seven days in the same residence without some problems occurring.? It is Christmas, and the Birch family is anything but traditional. Each individual character has their deep  secrets and unique problems. Andrew Birch, the father.  finds out that he has a son he never knew about that wants to visit. Emma, his wife has some devastating secrets that will affect the family.  Phoebe, the fun-loving, absorbed younger daughter is planning a wedding with a…

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